Montessori School of Oakton

“Learning is a dynamic process in which the whole personality of the child must be actively engaged.”

-Maria Montessori

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Our Staff

“The work of the teacher is that of a guide”

Maria Montessori

Each Montessori classroom is staffed by two adults: an AMI certified Montessori teacher and classroom assistants, who most often have college degrees. These adults are eager to help each child discover his or her unique talents and capabilities.


MSO Group1

Constantine, Marie

  • University of Mary Washington B.A.
  • Marymount University, MA Psychology
  • Washington Montessori Institute, Primary Assistant Training Certificate
  • Primary classroom assistant

El Abderrahmani, Rosy

  • University of Lima, Peru
  • North American Montessori Center Montessori Early Childhood diploma
  • Primary classroom assistant

Farmer, Madeline

  • Randolph Macon College B.S. 2017
  • Montessori School of Oakton 2001
  • Primary classroom assistant/substitute

Gremminger, Sandra

  • Mary Washington College B.A., B.S. 2004
  • Montessori Institute of Denver AMI Assistants to Infancy Diploma 2007
  • Loyola University Maryland MEd. 2008
  • Great Beginnings Directress

Ladino, Martha

  • University of Maryland, B.S. 1969
  • Ohio Montessori Training Institute, AMI Primary Diploma 2001
  • Primary classroom Directress

Linke, Rhett

  • Bridgewater College B.A. 2005
  • Washington Montessori Institute – Primary Assistant Training Certificate 2015
  • Primary Classroom Assistant
  • Outdoor Environment Specialist

Linke-Taylor, Britney

  • Bridgewater College BA 2006
  • Washington Montessori Institute – AMI Primary Diploma 2009
  • Loyola University, Baltimore – MEd. 2009
  • All Day Montessori Directress

Linke, Carolyn

  • University of Maryland, B.S. 1976
  • Washington Montessori Institute, AMI Primary Diploma 1976
  • George Washington University, 18 hours Special Education
  • Head of School/ Primary classroom Director

Madison-Krause, Shawna

  • University of Notre Dame B.A.
  • Loyola University, Maryland MEd
  • Montessori Institute of Denver –AMI Assistant to Infancy Diploma 2015
  • Montessori Institute Northwest – AMI Primary Diploma 2011
  • Montessori Training Center of Minnesota – AMI Elementary Diploma
  • Elementary classroom directress

Lakshmi Ravipati

  • George Mason University B.S. 2008
  • Teachers college Columbia University M.A. 2010
  • Loyola Universtiy, Maryland MEd 2017
  • Washington Montessori Institute –AMI Primary Diploma 2017
  • All Day Montessori Directress

Ramia, Angela

  • University of South Africa, B Ed. 2006
  • Washington Montessori Institute, Classroom Assistant Training Certificate 2011
  • Primary classroom Assistant

Scarantino, Pat

  • St. Agnes Medical Center, Philadelphia, Pa. Certification in medical technology
  • Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, Pa. A.S.
  • North American Montessori Training Center, Canada Primary Montessori Diploma
  • Elementary Classroom Assistant

Shehadeh, Sara

  • San Francisco State University, B.A.
  • Loyola University, Maryland MEd. 2005
  • Washington Montessori Institute, AMI Elementary Diploma 2005
  • Elementary classroom Directress

Sienknecht, Esther

  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University BS 1999
  • Washington Montessori Institute – AMI Primary Diploma 2002
  • Loyola University, Baltimore – MEd 2002
  • Primary Montessori Directress

Young, Mary

  • St. Anselm College, B.A. 1979
  • Institute for Montessori Studies – AMS Primary Diploma 1989
  • Assistant Head of School

Young, Sarah

  • Manhattan College B.A. 2011
  • Primary Classroom Assistant